Quiet Motor

The gearless mover enables Axiom Fans to rotate both directions (forward/reverse) between 1 and 120 revolutions per minute. Efficient and quiet, powerful yet light weight, the motor is magnificently reliable for every application.

Custom Colors

Full of interest, lively and exciting… or carefully camouflaged to disguise. Axiom Fans are available in a variety of standard colors and an endless array of your own custom selection.

Stealth Blades

Axiom fans deploy the same modulated blade technique utilized in advanced stealth helicopters. Ranging from a 6 to 14 degree angle, the Axiom Fan blade diminishes the resistance against each blade, maximizing air movement and minimizing power consumption, as well as noise.

Universal Mounting

Included in the purchase of every Axiom Fan, the robust and sleek Universal Mounting System includes all necessary hardware to mount the Axiom Fan in any application.


Seamlessly integrated, the built-in dimmable LED lighting system is purposely designed to adjust the lighting level in any application. Dimmable from 0 to 1980 lumens, your space will be as bright or as dark as you desire.

Control Panel

Maximize your comfort with the compact and simplified Axiom Fan control. The intuitive display provides hassle free ‘plug-n-play’ fan and light controls. Adjust your fan speed, direction, and light to your desired settings.